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Dairy farmers demand to increase milk prices


Dairy Farmers have demanded increase in milk prices according to the production cost. Shakir Omar Gujjar, Chairman of the Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association said in last press conference in Karachi Press Club that prices of milk should be given under the open market system, based on demand and if not than government should provide a subsidy to provide the milk on cheapest price to the people, not to burden the poor farmer. He said that immediate release of new prices of milk according to the cost of production should be released on April 1, otherwise farmers will be free to declare new prices of milk. He further added that the inflation is not only for the public but dairy farmers are also facing inflation issues. In the present situation, Karachi dairy farms are going to be bankruptcy and many are migrants towards inner Sindh and Punjab.If the cost of milk is Rs 108, how we can sell milk at 85 rupees per liter, if still they forced to sell the milk at same price, then we have to finish the dairy farming.


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