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Cotton grower must check weather updates before spray

Do not spray zinc and boron mixed with other insecticides. Spokesperson Multan Agriculture Department said that Cotton growers must see weather updates before spraying cotton crop. For early sowing of cotton, Nitrogen should be applied in 6 splits. First 1/6th part with sowing , then next 1/6th part after 30-35 days of sowing and later nitrogen doses should be applied at the gap of irrigation or see weather updates , type of soil or crop condition an then decide. For sowing in May, split nitrogen fertilizer in 4 doses. First dose 1/4th part with sowing, 1/4th part after 30-35 days of sowing, 1/4th part at the formation of floral buds, and remaining 1/4th part at boll formation. Phosphoric fertilizer should be mixed with Farm Yard manure (FYM) 200kg for better results. In case of viral attack, half bag of urea should be given with initial four irrigation. Zinc and Boron can be applied through spray. Spray should be applied on upper part of leaves. Do not spray at day time because it can cause leaf blight.


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