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Caterpillar of codling moth is a destructive pest of an apple

Codling moth feeds inside apples, which makes the fruit unsuitable for eating. The larvae are white to light pink “worms” with a dark brown head. Adult moths are light grayish brown and have dark, coppery brown band at the tip of their wings.
According to an estimate this pest causes 20 to 30 percent damage to the apple crop. Attacked fruit becomes unusable. To protect the apple crop from the damage of codling moth, light traps should be used from April to July in order to kill the moths of this insect. But this practice should be done after sunset.

From April to November, jute bags etc. should be used to wrapped tree stem so that the larvae gather in it and then once or twice a week, it the cover should be opened to destroy the larvae. In late April, when the apple plants bear fruit, cypermethrin/polytrin C 450 ml in 100 liters of water should be sprayed twice or thrice at intervals of 15 days.

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