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Production Technology of Vegetables

Bitter gourd

Varieties Co 1, MDU 1, COBgoH 1 (Hybrid), Arka Harit, Priya and Preethi are mainly cultivated. CO.1 : Selection from local type from Thudiyalur. Fruits are medium long and dark green fruits weighing 100-120g. Yield potential is 14.0 tonnes/ha in a crop duration of 115 days MDU 1: Induced mutant with long green white fruits warts the fruit length 30-40cm ...

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Cultivation of Coriander Coriander is indispensable spice in the kitchen. It gives good, flavour to dish. Thus coriander seed and fresh leaves are commonly used in every kitchen to prepare testy dishes. Coriander leaves constitute one of the richest sources of Vitamin ‘C’ and condiment in curries and in fresh chutneys. Climate: It is a cool season crop. Cool weather ...

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Okra Production Technology in Pakistan Okra or Lady’s finger (Abelmoschus esculentus or Hibiscus esculentus) is cultivated for vegetable purpose. It is an important crop of many parts of the world and is thought to be native either of tropical Africa or Asia. Okra is a popular summer crop, the young tender fruits are cooked in curries stewed and used as ...

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Onion (Allium cepa L) is one of the important condiments widely used in all households all the year round. The green leaves and immature and mature bulbs are eaten raw or used in preparation of vegetables. Onions are used in soups, sauces and for seasoning foods. The small bulbs one pickled in vinegar. Recent research has suggested that onions in ...

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In Pakistan, it occupies 9,044 ha area and its production is 88,148 tonnes (FAO, 2015). Yield of brinjal in Pakistan has been reported to be 97,466 kg/ ha. Seedling Raising Nursery Bed Preparation: Bringal seeds are sown on nursery beds to raise seedlings for transplanting in the field. Raised beds are necessary to avoid problem of water logging in heavy ...

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GARLIC PRODUCTION IN PAKISTAN Garlic Overview Garlic is the second most widely used cultivated allium after onion. It has long been recognized all over the world as a valuable spice for foods and a popular remedy for various ailments and physiological disorders. It is grown throughout Pakistan and consumed by most of the people. It is used practically all over ...

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Over the years, potato has become an important crop for both farmers and consumers in Pakistan. It is the fourth most important crop by volume of production; it is high yielding, having a high nutritive value and gives high returns to farmers. The recent large increase in acreage was reached by an intensification of the cultivation in existing potato growing ...

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Production technology of cauliflower CAULIFLOWER originated from Europe, spread to other countries and at present is cultivated in many parts of the world.. In Pakistan, it was grown on 1,697 hectares and its production in 2004-05 was 17,277 tones. This crop is developed from broccoli, and is considered as one of the refined and delicate vegetables and is cultivated for ...

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