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Agriculture experts instructed farmers to protect mango plants from powdery mildew infestation

Powdery mildew is the most serious type of disease. Symptoms of the disease include white powder on leaves, flowers, and fruit. Mango plants may be susceptible to powdery mildew under current climatic conditions. Therefore, gardeners should observe the orchards at this stage and prevent the yield from being affected when the inflorescence is rapidly converted to fruit. Due to the ...

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Government encouraged farmers to grow more cotton

The government is encouraging farmers to grow more cotton by providing 100 percent certified, pest resistant and climate tolerant high yielding seed varieties to farmers during the cotton growing season. In this regard, the Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department has completed testing of 30,000 tons cotton seeds of different varieties. Whereas Central Cotton Research Institute has trained about 300 ...

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Precautionary measures to prevent potato crop from underground pests

Potato growers should take preventive measure to protect their crop from insect pests like the caterpillars of cut worm that can cut young plants close to the ground at night. In this way, the plants can be damaged even before they grow. At the start of potato formation, light traps must be placed near the plants to prevent hollowing of ...

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Guidance on the appropriate use of fertilizers for better production of Phalsa.

Agriculture experts have instructed the phalsa gardeners and cultivators to use fertilizers immediately in appropriate manner to achieve a good yield of phalsa. Gardeners should also start pruning phalsa plants immediately and after pruning, add at least 10 kg of compost per plant. At the emergence of a new seedling, 0.5 kg urea, 0.25 kg of DAP, half a kilogram ...

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China would like to establish a dairy product processing plant in Pakistan

Royal Group President Chen Yai has said that Pakistan is rich in buffalo breeds, research, and dairy production. China is ready to share its experience and genetic technology with Pakistan. The interest of Chinese investors and buffalo milk is expected to increase Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves. Chen Yai visited Pakistan and said that we hope to set up a dairy ...

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Agriculture experts advised the precautionary measures during the harvest and storage of sunflowers.

Agriculture experts have instructed farmers to take precautions while harvesting and storing sunflowers. When the backside of sunflower flowers changes from green to golden and the yellow petals turn brown, it must be understood that the crop is ready for harvesting. But it would be better to allow the crop to ripen a little more for mechanical harvesting. In case ...

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Punjab government launches Kissan Card for farmers

The Punjab government has launched Kissan Card to end corruption in the agriculture sector. Kissan cards are being issued so that all the subsidies could be transferred to growers in cash directly as per the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The growers could purchase the seed, fertilizers, and pesticides from the registered dealers at cheaper rates through these cards. ...

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Farmers are instructed to remove powdery mildew infected plants from the field

Farmers are instructed to take precautionary measures against the spread of powdery mildew and damping-off disease in vegetables. The damping-off disease is more prevalent in young plants of vine vegetables, the small plants begin to wilt and the lower part of the young plants begin to rot from the stalk. To control this disease, growers should apply fungicides such as ...

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Instructions to keep warehouses closed for 48 hours before storing wheat, Agriculture experts

All people who want to store wheat should clean the stores thoroughly before storing wheat. Make sure to spray the poison solution so that the warehouse is free from all kinds of insects and other diseases. Aluminum phosphide, methyl bromide, sodium cyanide, etc. can be used to control the attack of insects in the warehouse. After spraying, the warehouse should ...

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Provincial Minister for Livestock Punjab directions to start FMD vaccination campaign

Provincial Minister for Livestock Punjab directed to start foot and mouth vaccination campaign in Southern Punjab. Provincial Minister for Livestock Punjab Sardar Hasnain Bahadur Dareshk has said that veterinary hospitals are being activated to provide timely treatment to cattle breeders. He directed to ensure the provision of facilities to the cattle breeders. The provincial minister said that to increase milk ...

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