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Holding the National Livestock Forum

University of Melbourne Australia and Veterinary University Lahore’s Dairy Beef and Small Ruminant Project Team Holds National Livestock Forum in Islamabad. Talking to the participants, the project leaders provided background on the project work in the dairy beef sector of Pakistan and especially in the sheep and goat sector. The ten-year performance of the livestock sector was highlighted. The problems ...

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Livestock Health Worker Training Course

A month-long community training livestock course has been completed by the Department of Livestock and Fisheries Sindh under the auspices of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Human Resource Research and Development Board in five villages of Tharparkar district of Sindh province. Certificates and kits were distributed to the women who attended the training course. It was emphasized at the function that the ...

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Problems in Export of Meat and its Products from Pakistan

Pakistan produced 4.9 million tons of meat in 2020-2021 (Economic survey of Pakistan). Out of which only 2% meat could be imported. Meat production in Pakistan is based on traditional methods, which has led to a significant decline in production. However, compared to 2003, there has been a gradual increase in production. Beef is a major contributor to the world’s ...

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Bottle gourd harvesting

Crop sown in February-March is harvested during April-May. When the fruit attains appropriate size, harvesting should be done at appropriate intervals. Picking should be done in evening. Firstly, the fruits should be put in baskets and after covering with a cotton cloth, should be placed in the shade. Make sure that the fruit is not damage during harvesting and storage ...

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The welfare and importance of animals in Islamic terms

A meeting was held under the auspices of Animal Welfare Society of Bahawalpur Islamia University regarding the Islamic welfare and importance of animals. Different aspects of animal welfare were highlighted by different participants in the light of Islamic injunctions. Has laid down rules and regulations to enforce them so as to ensure the welfare of the animals.

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A meeting was held regarding the performance of livestock farms

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Secretary Livestock on the performance of Government Livestock Farms. The meeting reiterated that government livestock farms should be exemplary in terms of production and research. The performance of government farms including Rakh Ghulaman, Patoki, Bahadur Nagar and Qadirabad was reviewed in detail. The heads of all the farms attended the meeting. The ...

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Caterpillar of codling moth is a destructive pest of an apple

Codling moth feeds inside apples, which makes the fruit unsuitable for eating. The larvae are white to light pink “worms” with a dark brown head. Adult moths are light grayish brown and have dark, coppery brown band at the tip of their wings. According to an estimate this pest causes 20 to 30 percent damage to the apple crop. Attacked ...

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Harvesting of okra and precautionary measures for picking

When the fruit of the okra crop reaches three inches, harvest it and continue to picking according to the size of the fruit as large and hard fruits do not have a good price in the market. During picking it is more likely that hands will get injured in terms of cuts and wounds, hardness of skin, itching, blisters and ...

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Lumpy Skin Disease: Saudi Arabia bans beef import from Pakistan

Saudi Arabia imposed a ban on the import of beef from Pakistan amid the outbreak of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) in the country that has affected livestock. According to the officials of Ministry of Food Security, the Kingdom has imposed the ban on beef due to the LSD. The officials further said that the Saudi authorities took the decision in ...

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Pomegranate butterfly is destructive pest of its fruits

The brown butterfly is a worst enemy of pomegranate fruits. The female lays her eggs on the flowers and small fruits, from which dark brown larvae emerges, which bore into developing fruits and feed upon the pulp and seeds resulting into rotting of fruits and causing fruit drop. The damage caused by infestation affects the quality of fruits which renders ...

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