Buffaloes and Cows

Being major player in the national economy, livestock sector is accepted as an economy engine for poverty alleviation in Pakistan. According to economic survey of Pakistan 2013-14, its contribution to agriculture value added is approximately 55.9 % and to national GDP is 11.8 % with Gross Value Addition of Rs.776.5 billion (2013-14), showing an increase of 2.7 percent as compared to last year.

Estimated current Provincial Livestock Population based on National Livestock Census 2006 and Economic Survey of Pakistan 2013-14 is given below:

Livestock of Pakistan include cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, camels, horses, asses and mules and they produce milk, meat, wool, hair, bones, fat, blood eggs, hides and skins among which milk and meet are the major products. Besides production, these animals are also used for draught purposes. As per IFCN (International Farms Comparison Network) Dairy Report 2014, Pakistan is 3rd largest milk producing country in the world. Milk is produced by buffalo, cattle, sheep, goat and camel but being major contributor in milk production, cattle and buffalo are considered as major dairy animals.

Buffalos found in Pakistan make up 47% of Pakistan’s major dairy animal’s population providing more than about 61% of the total milk produced in the country. Buffalo breeds found in Pakistan are Nili Ravi, Kundi and Aza Kheli. Nili Ravi is considered the best buffalo breed in world and known as Black Gold of Pakistan.

Cattle constitute about 53% of the national population of major dairy animals in Pakistan and contribute the share of almost 35% to the total milk production in country. The cattle breeds found in the country are Sahiwal, Cholistani, Red Sndhi, Achai, Bhagnari, Dajal, Dhanni, Gibrali, Kankraj, Lohani, Rojhan, and Thari. Out of these, Sahiwal, Cholistani, and Red Sindhi are main dairy breeds and well known internationally due to their distinct characteristics. Other than well-defined cattle breeds, there are a large number of nondescript and crossbred cattle in this country. Over last ten years, the importance of crossbred animals has been increased due to start of the development in dairy sector on commercial lines. The crossbred animals are mostly preferred for commercial dairy farms due to their higher production. Mostly cross of local cows (like Sahiwal and Cholistani) with imported cows (like Holstein Friesian and Jersey) is demanded by such farms. Besides our local and crossbred animals, imported animals are also the part of dairy cow family of Pakistan. Corporate Dairy Farms prefer dairy animals from other countries and run their farms on most modern lines with international expertise. Almost 95% of imported dairy animals in Pakistan belong to Australia while other 5% from Sweden. The breeds of these imported animals are Holstein Friesian, Jersey and Freisian Jersey Cross. Within few months, American Cattle will also enjoy the four weathers of our country.


Breeds of Buffalo

Nili Ravi:

Habitat:Lahore, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Sahiwal, Okara, Multan, Vehari, Bahawalpur”.

Punjkalyan, Curly horns, Wall eyes
Type Milk, Milk Yield (Lit/day) 7.93


Habitat:Dadu, Hyderabad, Karachi, Larkana, Nawabshah, Sanghar and Thatta

Horn taper and inward like fish,Broad forehead with short neck.
Type Milk, Milk Yield (Lit/day) 6.89

Azi kheli:

Habitat:Khwaza Khella and Madyan areas of Swat district and east of Peshawar in KPK.

Color vary from complete albino animals to piebald to even black. Horns are small semi-sickle shape.
Type Milk, Milk Yield (Lit/day) 6.20

Breeds of Cow:


Habitat:Sahiwal, Okara, Multan and Faisalabad.

Reddish dun colour, black muzzle ,eye lid and tuft of tail. Type Milk, Milk Yield (Lit/day) 6.07

Red Sindhi:

Habitat:Western Sindh and Lasbela in Balochistan.

Characteristics :
Red body color, Bulls Darker at shoulders, Stumpy horns
Type Milk, Milk Yield (Lit/day) 5.49


Habitat:Dajal area of D.G. Khan.

Off shoot of Bhagnari breed, having almost similar points. However, Dajal cattle are comparatively smaller in size and lighter in color.
Type Draught Milk Yield (Lit/day) 2.95


Habitat:Attock, Rawalpindi, Chakwal and Jhelum.

Varying body colour (chitta burga, Kala Burga & Nukra), Hump compact, Muzzele and eye lashes black.
Type Draught , Milk Yield (Lit/day) 2.62


Habitat:Suleman Range of Mountains, D.G. Khan, D.I. Khan, Kohat and Bannu.

Red and white spotted coat ,tight skin, Small and alert ears small pointed horn.
Type Draught Milk Yield (Lit/day) 2.40

Bhagnari (kachhi):

Habitat:Bhag Territory in Kalat and Northern Sindh.

Body color white or grey depending to almost black in the neck region, shoulders small pointed ears, stumpy horns,striaght back,black tail.
Type Draught Milk Yield (Lit/day) 2.96


Habitat:Loralai and D.I. Khan

Short structured, body color is red splash with white spots & well developed hump.
Type Draught, Milk Yield (Lit) 6.13


Habitat:Tharparkar and surrounding areas.

Large semi pendulous ears, Generally Light grey with deeper on legs, White strip on Back Bone. Type Dual Milk Yield (Lit/day) 5.19


Habitat:South West part of Tharparkar

Color silver to gray to iron gray or steel black, strong lyre-shaped horns, ears large, pendulous
Type Dual Milk Yield (Lit/day) 3.93


Habitat:Cholistan area

Large sized, small horns, long ears, and speckled red, brown or black colour.
Type Milk, Milk Yield (Lit/day) 4.83

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