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BKK in Collaboration with OXFAM and Hands (Aus-Aid) Conducted Interactive Training Sessions for Capacity Building of Farmers at Badin, Sindh

Farming community of Pakistan, and Sindh in particular lack adequate information and thus limited knowledge to perform best practices, improper planning and crop management, all these factors contribute to reduced agricultural production, consequently lead to low farm income and living standard. BaKhabar Kissan on a mission towards making millions of lives profitable and sustainable, planned and conducted on field training sessions for capacity building of farmers of Badin, Sindh. Training was conducted by BKK Experts in collaboration with OXFAM and Hands (Aus-Aid). It was designed mainly to prepare farmers to develop and improve their agriculture capabilities. The objective of enhancing the capacity of farmers is to intensify sustainable agricultural production through improved agriculture value chain with the goal to improve farm income and raise livelihoods and on the other hand to ensure food security.

Visual aids such as videos clips, brochures etc. were used to help farmers learn quickly and to retain the information. During the sessions farmers were actively engaged in the learning and upon completion they were very happy. The content of training consisted of crop management practices, decision making and effective agriculture planning to improve their farming practices. As BKK contribute towards improving the lives of our farmers, apart from enriching their learning, they were guided in what way BKK can help them and how they can incorporate BKK in their daily routine and become an informed farmer. Like previous year, this year too, such trainings will be continued in different parts of the country as these would build farmer’s capabilities leading to sustainability of agriculture production and economic viability.

Feedback from Farmers:
Some of the Farmers who had attended earlier sessions of BKK, gave feedback that their productivity has increased after taking right decisions such as performing soil test recommended by BKK Experts and then using BKK App feature i-e fertilizer calculator. Many of the farmers told, weather-based crop advisory that they received from BKK helpline and other platforms were very effective and they plan their activities accordingly and saved from losses significantly. They take agriculture advisories from different channels of BKK such as SMS, VMS, IVR, App, YouTube and other social media depending on the type of phone available with them.

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