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Basmati’s rice nursery should be transfer to the field from July 15

Farmers of rice were instructed to transfer the nursery of Basimati 370, Basimati 385, Basmati Pak, Basmati 2000, Basimati 515 and Basimati 198 from July 1st and nursery for Shahin Basimati from July 15 and said that the farmer should ensure timely transfer nursery to the field.

Department of Agriculture said that the approved varieties production can be achieved by transferring the approved types of Super Basmati, Ari 6, KS 282, KS 133 and Niyair Ari 9 should transfer nursery to the fields from 20 June. He said that nursery can be transfer the field by Kadu, dry and wet method. Also, if zinc deficiency occurs in the field of rice, zinc sulfate is used in 33% 30 kg per acre nursery while preparing the field for nursery. He said that if the attack of stem borer occurs by 0.5 percent of economic loss, then apply recommended insecticide for them. He said, firstly spray at 8 to 10 days nursery stage and then apply granular insecticide instructed by agriculture experts at stage of 15 to 20 days.


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