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Balanced feeding for improving livestock productivity, Livestock Specialists.

Providing balance feed to the animals, along with the vaccination against mouth and foot disease and other harmful diseases is necessary for improving livestock productivity. Due to the import of dairy animals from Australia, Netherlands and other countries, the emerging diseases of these imported livestock are causing new health problems to the local animals and hence requires experts to play their role with great responsibility.

Experts of livestock and dairy development said that all the economic sectors in Pakistan revolve around agriculture and increase in livestock productivity and per acre crop yield can boost the economy of the country. Therefore, preventive measure against various diseases and insurance of balance diet for livestock is necessary. They said that our rural population is facing lower agricultural productivity and on the other hand the demand for higher productivity for growing population needs provision of facilities at local level.

Experts have instructed to timely control Mastitis in dairy livestock. They said that the production of animal feed in Pakistan is very low in comparison with developed countries, for which improvement of animal feed and timely evaluation and treatment of the diseases will be necessary to ensure that the maximum yield of milk production is possible.

Moreover, they added that only 6 percent out of 8 million animals, have access to vaccination against mouth and foot disease. So there is need to increase this coverage. They said that even after vaccination, the animals are facing the disease, it is due to the poor vaccine’s quality. At local level experts should customize their experiences and observations to prepare a good quality vaccines.


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