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Vertical Farming: Feeding the Future

Despite being country with an abundance of agricultural land and the perfect weather for crop harvestation and being one of the largest exporters of crops such as wheat, cotton and rice, there are many advantages of utilizing vertical farming methods in Pakistan. It can be a very water efficient method by making use of hydroponics o which makes it 40% ...

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Possibility of increase in prices of edible oil and ghee.

Due to increase in rates of Malaysian palm oil, there is chance of increasing prices of oil and ghee in the country. On January 1, 2019, trading benchmark of palm oil (March delivery) has increased 23.82 dollar per tones by 2.1 per cent, which is the highest in the last 20 days, earlier it was increased by 2.4 percent on ...

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Save the Calf / Calf Fattening Scheme

Punjab’s livestock resources hold considerable potential for increasing the production of meat. It has been estimated that about 6-7 million buffalo/cattle male calves are available for fattening in the Punjab province. But majority of these calves are sent to slaughter at 1-3 weeks of age. Some calves are raised to 60-80 kg on extremely poor and unbalanced diets. If these ...

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Weather tracking by drones.

Agriculture satellites are used around the world to help assess crop health, yield, and facilitate environmental analysis to ensure farmers have all the details they need to best manage their farms. The different colors in the image tell a different story about what is happening with a farmer’s crops. Already, agriculture-ready drones are popping up for purchase, for the farmer who wants ...

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Appropriate size of potato for cultivation is 35-55mm.

Agriculture experts have instructed farmer to grade potatoes and separates the egg-sized potatoes up to 35 to 55 mm in bulk to use as seed. Farmers should cleaned potatoes before filling, and they should use jute bags for filling. Injured potatoes should always be placed separated from other potatoes. Better and easy way is that the potatoes should be placed ...

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Ostrich Farming

Ostrich is a large flightless hardy bird of African origin. It belongs to running bird family. The ostrich has been farmed for around 150 years in South Africa, first for its feathers and recently for the hide and now for meat also. Ostrich farming is now an international industry, with South Africa still by far the major player. Today, ostrich ...

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Three to four times hoeing should be done to save garlic crop from different diseases.

Agriculture experts advised farmers that hoeing and weeding should be done three to four times for preventing garlic from different disease. Take precautionary measure to prevent garlic from attack of different disease and insects especially don’t show any negligence on damping off disease. Damping off disease in leaves cause drying of leaves and on extreme attack it cause wilting because ...

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Guava orchards must be irrigated at an interval of 20 to 25 days

Experts have directed gardeners to irrigate guava orchards at an interval of 20 to 25 days. During the month of February and March, the irrigation should be done after 15 to 20 days. Agriculture experts said that guava is the fourth most important fruit of Pakistan, and third most important fruit of Punjab province, whose yield has exceeded more than ...

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Crackdown Against Spurious Khalbanola

Rotten cake, infected Roti Tukra and corn with high mycotoxin level can cause disease in animals and as a result the milk production decreases. These can even lead to death of the infected animal. For the better health and high milk production, animals should be provided with surplus green fodder and aflatoxin free Wanda from a certified company. As a ...

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