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Approved varieties should be used for wheat cultivation, Agriculture Department

Department of Agriculture said that rain fed areas are important for wheat production, so if due to any reason if there is lack of production in rain fed areas then the province target can be difficult to achieve. So the farmers should cultivate approved, healthy, and disease-free, having germination rate greater than 85 percent.

They said that during current season, in Punjab 10 percent of the wheat cultivation will be observed in rainfed areas while 90 percent cultivation will be done in irrigated areas. According to the target, wheat cultivation will be done on more than one crore and 67 lac acre land in order to achieve the target of one crore and 94 lac tonnes yield. They said that cultivation of wheat in the rainfed area should be completed till 15th November and farmers should cultivate approved varieties such as Chakwal 50, NARC 2009, Bars 2009, Pakistan 2013 and Duhrabi 2011, Fateh Jhang 2016, Ehsan 2016 and Barani 2017.

They further added that for attaining adequate production of wheat Government will assist in provision of approved and certified seed at reasonable rate through the help of Punjab Seed Corporation dealers. The agriculture extension department will go to every village to guide farmers regarding wheat production. They will guide farmers about modern technologies used for wheat cultivation through print and electronic media. So that farmers will timely cultivate approved varieties in order to obtain higher production.


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