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Appropriate soil must be selected for mango cultivation.

Mangoes must be planted in full sun and well-drained soil. Farmers should select appropriate climate and land for mango cultivation in order to achieve a better production. Before planting mango plants, good preparation of field is essential. Mango trees require ample moisture to grow and produce well. The tree must not sit in stagnant water. For this reason soil must be well-drained. Establishing a healthy and productive orchard requires proper planning and preparation. After ploughing the land, farmyard manure must be given. 4-5 ploughing followed by planking is enough to have a smooth finish.

Generally mango plants are planted by square method of planting. In this method plant to plant and row to row distance is kept same. The distance for medium varieties must be kept 6.5 metre and for large varieties the distance must be kept 8.5 metre.  According to the spokesperson of Agriculture Department Kasur, for obtaining high quality fruits from mango plants, proper planning and selection of best varieties is very important. He said that varieties of Mango such as Samar-e-behest, Chaunsa, Safed chaunsa, Sindhri, Langra, Anwar ratol, Fajri and Dosehri should be cultivated. As by the cultivation of these varieties demand within and outside the country can be fulfilled.


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