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Anthracnose Disease

anthracnose is caused by fungi that are responsible for diseases on many plant species. Infected plants develop dark, water-soaked lesions on stems, leaves, or fruit. The centers of these lesions often become covered with pink. Anthracnose can reduce a beautiful harvest into rotted waste in just a few days. The fungal disease overwinters in and on seeds, soil, and garden debris. It is spread by wind, rain, insects, and garden tools.
Choose resistant plant varieties. To avoid spreading the disease, make sure to disinfect all garden tools (one part bleach to 4 parts water) after use. Do not compost infected leaves, fruit, or stems and thoroughly clean up garden areas in the fall, after harvest. Liquid copper sprays and sulfur powders should be applied weekly. Neem oil spray is an organic, multi-purpose fungicide/insecticide/miticide that kills eggs, larvae and adult stages of insects as well as prevents fungal attack on plants.
Uzma Niazi (Agronomist)



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