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Agriculture & Human life

Human life period has been decaying day by day. American scientists has researched recently on this issue and evaluated that in 1990ies the average age of human is 80-90 years but now in 2016 the human life period decayed. The average human life has become only 46 years.

Keeping in view the above research. The professor of China from Chinese Academy of agricultural sciences Dr wang told that the only reason behind the decay of human life is the use of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture. By which we have poisoned the food that not only harm to humans but also affecting the birds and other life’s also. Simply destroying our ecosystem.

While talked to Dr Khalid Agricultural Expert from Pakistan regards the solution he told us that the only solution by which we save our life’s is to bring farmers back to the traditional organic agriculture & we have to put our efforts in limiting the fertilizers and chemical uses in agriculture to save our future generation.


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