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Agriculture department started campaigns to save cotton from excessive rain

Pakistan ranked fourth in the world among cotton-producing countries and nearly 75 percent of the total production of cotton is grown in Punjab. Maximum revenue is generated from Cotton and its products. Yield can be increased with proper care and protecting it from rain. Pest scouting must be done twice in a week. If insect attack increases economic threshold level then consult agriculture specialist for chemical spray. Spokesman further said that populations of Whitefly, aphid, thrips, pink bollworm, Mealybug and army worm must be controlled.  Growers should look at seasonal changes and weather forecasting. Irrigation should be done according to the requirement of the crop , don’t let the rain water stand in the field , otherwise crop will not get fertilizers properly .If crop start yellowing after water drainage than Spray  2% urea solution and if required, spray after 15 days again, to increase flowering, Spray 250 grams zinc, uric acid 200 grams, magnesium sulfate 300 grams per  liter of water , while for proper growth of cotton spray 2 % solution of  potassium nitrate or potassium sulfate after every 13-15 days , the spokesman further added that steps must be taken in order to save cotton from rain , for this agriculture department has started an ongoing campaign to highlight awareness among the farmers. More rainfall decrease production of cotton and more than 90 % cotton is grown in south Punjab.


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