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Agriculture Department Punjab strategies to improve cotton production

Farmers have been instructed by the Punjab Agriculture Department, that cotton germination will be completed within four to five days after sowing. In the field where the spare is present, remove dry soil, soften the soil and fill the spare places. Sow 8 kg per acre of standard, healthy, pure and good-growing recommended. Seeds must be treated properly with fungicide and insecticide before sowing so that the crop can be protected from sucking insects especially whiteflies. The first irrigation in drill sowing must be done after 30 to 35 days of sowing and remaining irrigation should be done at an interval of 12 to 15 days. incase of the sowing in seedbeds first water must be applied 3 to 4 days after sowing, second and third water at an interval of 6-9 days. And remaining water should be given at an interval of 12 days . Fertilizers must be applied on the bases of soil analysis.


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