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Agriculture Department Punjab, issued a strategy for better maintenance of cotton

Agriculture Department, Punjab has instructed farmers to properly manage cotton crop during first 15 days of October. Cotton crop is entering the stage of developing cotton bolls. Therefore during this phase, farmers should not let water shortage and irrigation should be done after observing field condition. Last irrigation should be done till 15th October and it should be applied during evening time. Moreover, pest scouting should be done 2 times per week. If the pest attack is above threshold level then proper insecticide should be applied. Insecticides belonging to same group should not be applied repeatedly. Because when same insecticides are used, then insects develop resistant against those insecticides. To protect the crop from cotton pink bollworm, pheromone traps should be used. Army worm usually attack in group, so spray should not be applied to the whole field, rather it should be applied to the affected area. Picking should be done properly, otherwise the quality of lint decreases. Cotton bolls in the same fields open at different times. There is a gap of at least 2 months before first and last boll opens. Thus picking should also be done in accordance, at least 2-3 pickings are required to completely harvest the crop. Picking should be done when more than 50% cotton bolls are open. Picking can be done both manual and mechanized. Picking should be started from the lower end of the plant, so that when the upper bolls are picked dried leaves and other particles may not fall on the lower bolls, otherwise it decreases the quality of lint. The lint from the first and last pickings should be kept separate because the fibre from the last picking is of comparatively low quality with respect to first one or two pickings.


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