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Complete apple grafting by rootstock in March

Gardeners are advised to complete apple grafting process in February and March through small root stocks. Vegetative propagation can be done by grafting. Usually, the young apple seedlings are uprooted in December and planted in the nursery which will be ready for grafting in February and March. Root stock of small apples can also be made by seeds. Cleft grafting ...

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Farmers should take special care during the transplanting of chilies seedlings

Farmers can transplant chili seedlings in February. Chili is an important cash crop of Pakistan which is cultivated in a large area of Punjab and Sindh. The height of seedlings should be 10-12 cm at the time of transplanting. Farmers should irrigate the nursery 2-3 hours before the transfer of the chilies seedlings to prevent roots damage. If the timely ...

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Activation of Punjab Halal development agency

The new Chairman of Punjab Halal Development Agency (Shafqat Rasool Ghuman) had a meeting with Livestock Secretary Punjab (Naveed Haider Shirazi). During the meeting, discussions were held regarding restructuring of administrative affairs of Punjab Halal Meat Sector and Halal Agency. Halal Development Agency has been inactive for a long time. Its job is to trade halal products throughout the province, ...

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Inter cropping of mung bean and spring crop of sugarcane

Mung bean crop matures within just 75 to 80 days, while sugarcane is a whole-year crop. During the initial 60 days of spring cultivated sugarcane crop, the growth is minimum, so mung bean can be cultivated along with it. Inter-cropping would not only help improve the mung-bean production, but it would also rehabilitate the soil as it is capable of ...

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