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Proper use of fertilizers can encourage better mango production.

The yield of mango is low in Pakistan primarily because of inadequate and unbalanced fertilization, high water table and salinity, and lack of adequate plant protection measures. Mango growers should not be negligent in providing timely nutrients to the plants so that good quality fruits can be obtained. Lack of macro and micro nutrients affects the growth cycle of plant ...

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Spring maize cultivation from 15th January

The cultivation of spring maize should be stared from 15th January and special attention should be given to the land selection and land preparation. In order to obtain a bumper crop, it is important to choose fertile loamy soil which is capable of absorbing water well. Moreover, maize crop grow well on a land where previously alfalfa or potato was ...

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From December till February, protect fruit plants from frost damage

When trying to protect orchards from frost damage, gardeners should think in terms of frost management. From December till February, fruit trees are exposed to severe cold and frost, so gardeners should take immediate measures to protect plants from frost damage. Evergreen plants such as lychee, papaya, banana and lime are highly susceptible to cold and frost and can lead ...

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Export of Kinnow will boost Economy

Pakistan is one of the leading producers of Kinnow in the world. This country has one of the most favorable weather conditions to produce the best quality Kinnow. Export of Kinnow will boost Economy of the Country. Kinnow of Sargodha has its own distinct identity in the world in terms of its quality and sweetness. Now the production is spreading ...

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