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Make cotton fields weed free and ensure yield increase

Farmers should give special attention to the eradication of weeds from the cotton crop to achieve higher yields and ensure the consultation with agriculture experts of Bakhabar kissan for weedicides. If the weeds are completely removed at the early stages of the crop then the yield can be increased. Weeds can provide shelter for pests, as well as they can ...

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76 percent Wheat Procurement Complete (Punjab senior food minister)

Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan told that 76 per cent wheat procurement target had been achieved after procuring more than 2.6 million metric tonnes of wheat. Beside that more than 98 per cent gunny bags were distributed at the purchase centers. Whereas the food department was providing the best facilities to farmers at wheat procurement centers and wheat was ...

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Farmers are instructed to treat seeds with insecticides before sowing, Experts

Farmers are instructed to treat cotton seeds with insecticide in sufficient quantity. It will prevent the attack of sucking pests like whiteflies. Seed treatments with insecticides or fungicides improve crop growth and minimize the impact of disease on crops.

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The Prime Minister approved a project to increase cattle milk production through imported semen

The Prime Minister approved a project to increase cattle milk production through imported semen Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved to launch a major project to increase milk production in the country and supply pure milk to the people, which will be formally inaugurated in Sahiwal. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Food Security Jamshed Iqbal Cheema said in ...

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Agriculture experts instructed farmers to protect mango plants from powdery mildew infestation

Powdery mildew is the most serious type of disease. Symptoms of the disease include white powder on leaves, flowers, and fruit. Mango plants may be susceptible to powdery mildew under current climatic conditions. Therefore, gardeners should observe the orchards at this stage and prevent the yield from being affected when the inflorescence is rapidly converted to fruit. Due to the ...

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Government encouraged farmers to grow more cotton

The government is encouraging farmers to grow more cotton by providing 100 percent certified, pest resistant and climate tolerant high yielding seed varieties to farmers during the cotton growing season. In this regard, the Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department has completed testing of 30,000 tons cotton seeds of different varieties. Whereas Central Cotton Research Institute has trained about 300 ...

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Precautionary measures to prevent potato crop from underground pests

Potato growers should take preventive measure to protect their crop from insect pests like the caterpillars of cut worm that can cut young plants close to the ground at night. In this way, the plants can be damaged even before they grow. At the start of potato formation, light traps must be placed near the plants to prevent hollowing of ...

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