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Revolutionary success in the sugarcane sector has led to the development of new varieties of sugarcane with a production capacity of 1600 to 1700 man per acre, agronomists say.

Achieving a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of sugarcane, agronomists have developed new varieties of sugarcane with a production capacity of 1,600 to 1,700 maund per acre instead of 600 to 700 maund per acre. These include CPF 246 and CPF 247 with a production capacity of 1600 maund per acre, HSF 240 with a production capacity of 1650 maund ...

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Wheat farmers suggested to get soil analysis before fertilizers application.

Agriculture experts instructed wheat farmers to apply fertilizers after soil analysis as it would help improve production. Soil fertility and the availability of water are two important things. Further, they add, the farmers who could not apply phosphorus at the time of cultivation should use mono ammonia fertilizers after consultation with experts. For fertilizer applications, the farmers should mix these ...

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Farmers are instructed to protect mango orchards from frost.

Extreme cold can have hazardous effects on mango plants. These effects are shown prominently on small mango plants sown in sandy and saline soil. Farmers should have done light irrigation on frost expected nights so that soil temperature remains normal. It is extremely important to cover the small plants with plastic sheets or bushes.

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