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Tobacco: An economical and effective insecticide

Tobacco is getting new scientific attention as a natural organic insecticide due to the toxic content of nicotine. It acts as an eco-friendly pest-control agent and also provides the surplus to growers. For effective control of insects, boil or grind the leaves /stem of tobacco, mix the tobacco powder in water, and spray on the whole crop. On the other ...

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Farmers are advised to irrigate wheat crops timely

Farmers are instructed to irrigate their wheat crops on time for healthy grains development. In most of the wheat areas, the growers do not care for timely irrigation of the wheat crops, which affect the quality as well as quantity of grains. Agriculture experts advised the growers to irrigate their wheat crops after 20-25 days of its cultivation whereas second ...

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Speaker National Assembly Presents Agricultural Growth Strategy

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser presented a comprehensive and integrated structural agricultural reforms in Balochistan, South Punjab, KPK, Tharparkar for next seven years. The chief components of the strategy include Cotton Revival program, Oilseed Development, Integrated Seed System, Establishment of Agriculture Development Authority etc. The objective is to achieve agriculture growth rate of 7.5% by 2027-28.

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Pakistan has been badly exposed to serious threat of bird flu

Pakistan has been badly exposed to serious threat of bird flu, called avian bird influenza since the migratory birds from Central Asia have transported the virus to neighbouring India to the south of Pakistan in January-Februrary. Nine Indian states have been reported to be infected with bird flu in recent weeks. Two of the states are situated in the proximity ...

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Punjab seed council gives approval of four new cotton varieties

Punjab Seed Council gave approval of four new cotton varieties developed at Cotton Research Institute, said Director Institute and known scientist Dr Sagheer Ahmed. The known cotton scientist stated that the newly developed four cotton varieties were climate resistance. Whitefly cannot damage these varieties, he maintained. Dr Sagheer also remarked that varieties developed at the institute were MNH 116, MNH ...

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Special instructions for the cultivation of apples in mountainous areas

Apple is a cold climatic fruit, so its cultivation in Pakistan is limited to the mountainous areas of Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Most apples in Pakistan are grown in the Balochistan region. Two types of apples, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious, are popular because of their color and taste. The soils with good drainage systems are very suitable ...

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The drip irrigation system can revolutionize the agriculture sector.

Agriculture experts said that a drip irrigation system can revolutionize the agricultural sector. Raising the importance of water among the framers can enhance agricultural productivity. In the present time, we are facing severe water scarcity, farmers cannot deny the significance of water, hence a timely and appropriate supply of water can increase agricultural productivity. Besides that, it can help in ...

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Preparation of soil for ginger planting.

Ginger farming is a moneymaking business and farmers can get a profit of around Rs 10 lakh per acre on an average after taking the production cost. The sowing time of ginger is going to start after few weeks. Therefore the ginger growers start the soil preparation for planting. The best soil for ginger is sandy loamy and rich in ...

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Gardeners are instructed to immediately spray the orchards in consultation with agriculture expert

Agriculture experts has directed the gardeners to start pruning process after harvesting of fruits to control citrus canker and scab. Gardeners should cut down all dry and diseased weak branches immediately. In addition, all the fallen affected fruits and leaves should be buried in the ground. For chemical control, gardeners should immediately spray the recommended fungicide in consultation with agriculture ...

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