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Okra cultivation in Pakistan

Pakistan ranks third in terms of okra production. Mostly okra is cultivated in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Gujranwala. For best growth the temperature should be 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Okra is cultivated twice in a year, the first crop is cultivated from mid-February to the end of March while the second crop is cultivated in June and July. “Sabz ...

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Agriculture experts instructed farmers to maximize mulberry cultivation

Farmers can get 10 mixer feet of wood from one plant over the next 15 years, by cultivating mulberry plants in spring. This will not only stabilize the prices of timber in the country, but the farmers will also get a good and reasonable amount of money in 10 to 15 years. However, economic revolution is also possible due to ...

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Spring maize cultivation

Two crops of maize are cultivated in Punjab. The crop sown in January-February is called spring maize while the crop sown in July-August is called seasonal maize. The average yield per acre of spring maize is about 20 to 25% higher than seasonal maize. Heavy clay loam soils are more suitable for its successful cultivation. Varieties of spring maize are ...

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Instructions to farmers for spring planting of sugarcane crop

It is important to sow the approved seed at the best time for the good yield of the crop. Farmers should not cultivate unapproved varieties of sugarcane. For spring cultivation, suitable varieties of sugarcane – CP 77-400, CPF 237, HSF 240, HSF 242, CPF 243, SPF 213, SPF 234, SPF 245, CPF 246, and CPF 247 can be cultivated.

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Agriculture experts instructed farmers to cultivate the Okra seeds after fungicide treatment

The most suitable time for its cultivation is from the end of March to till the first week of April. The crop is prone to the attack of various diseases such as root rot, in the case of late sowing. Therefore, the okra seeds should be treated with ‘Thiophanate methyl’ or any other fungicide before cultivation.

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Punjab can turn 3.8m more acres of land fertile

About 3.8 million acres of land in Punjab is barren, which can be converted into fertile land in order to benefit the country’s agriculture sector. According to official sources, the total cultivated area in the province is about 50.7 million acres. Although steps are being taken to convert barren and non-agricultural land into fertile soil, the pace of the work ...

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Agricultural developments in Koh- e- Sulaiman areas: Secretary Agriculture of South Punjab

Agriculture Secretary of South Punjab Saqib Ali Ateel visited the Koh-e- Sulaiman areas. He said that the government has allocated fund of 189 million rupees for the agricultural development of these areas. He further added that for the promotion of high-value agriculture, the government will provide a 90% subsidy on fruit plants. The fruit plants include citrus, olive, and date. ...

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Pakistan mulls peaceful use of drone technology

In order to improve the performance and boost the capabilities, Pakistan mulls over the Drone Regulatory Authority (DRA) for peaceful and effective use of remote-control surveillance technology in various fields. The DRA would allow drone technology to be used for different purposes such as research in different fields, assist in the restoration of peace, search and rescue operations, and logistics ...

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Instructions to start muskmelon cultivation in all areas of Punjab

In all areas of Punjab, muskmelon cultivation will be started from the first week of February. It can be cultivated in all types of soils, but well fertile soil having good drainage capability has considered much appropriate for its cultivation. Muskmelon varieties T96 and Ravi can be grown at 21-35°C until the end of March.

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Govt allows wheat, sugar import to check prices

The government of Punjab has “anticipated shortage of sugar towards the end of the current season in October or November 2021”. Punjab cane commissioner said despite 20% high production this year, the Punjab government was anticipating 300,000 metric tons of sugar. The crushing is in process and the clear position of stocks can only be gauged at the end of ...

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