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A common pest found in greenhouses and gardens, thrips damage plants by sucking their juice. Plant leaves may turn pale, splotchy, and silvery, then die. Injured plants are twisted and discolored. Host plants include onions, beans, carrots, and many other garden vegetables, and many flowers. To get rid of thrips remove weeds from around garden areas to eliminate alternate hosts. ...

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Household poultry and role of rural woman

Household poultry is a good source of meat and egg production. Egg and meat of poultry fulfill the need for protein in humans. Household poultry plays an important role to overcome the food scarcity in the village. Rural women are directly involved in household poultry as these chickens are kept within the house. Rural women take care of their well-being, ...

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Raising of onion nursery

Nursery of onion should be raised till the end of November. Seedlings should be shifted to the field in December and January. Before shitting seedlings into the field, land should be well prepared followed by the formation of ridges. The Ridges should be 3 inches apart from each other. At the time of sowing 1 bag of DAP/acre and 1 ...

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Irrigation requirements for wheat

The wheat plant requires adequate soil moisture for its proper growth. Generally, the wheat crop requires five irrigations. First irrigation should be given 20-25 days after sowing. Second irrigation should be given at the tillering stage. While third, fourth, and fifth irrigation should be given at late jointing flowering and dough stage.    

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Leaf spot on tomato

Tomato leaf spot is a common bacterial disease. Bacterial leaf spot is usually spread in the garden through contaminated seeds or transplants and spread in cold weather conditions. Symptoms of this disease are small black spots that often become more pronounced on the lower side of the leaves. Copper oxychloride is used to effectively control this. Anam khan sadozai (Agri ...

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Fertilizer application in maize crop

Farmers can obtain higher yield by using the proper and timely application of fertilizers in maize crops. When the height of the crop is 1-1/2 ft, then use one bag of urea in one Acer, and use a half bag of urea at the flowering stage. Before the application of any fertilizer farmers should perform the soil analysis. Timely removal ...

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