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Farmers should never burn the rice crop residues.

The burning of crop residues not only causes environmental pollution, but also lowers the fertility of the soil. Farmers should never burn the crop residues. They have to mix those in soil by deep plowing because they maintain the moisture level in the soil as well as enhance the soil fertility. In this way the input of crop reduces and ...

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Blossom End Rot Disease

A serious disorder of tomato, pepper, cucumber, and eggplant, blossom end rot is an environmental problem (not fungal) most often caused by uneven watering or by calcium deficiency. Blossom end rot symptoms occur on both green and ripe fruits and is identified by water-soaked areas that gradually widen and mature into sunken, brown, leathery spots on the bottom end. Choose ...

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Farmers should complete mushroom cultivation on time

Mushrooms are popular valuable food because they are low in cholesterol and fat. Mushrooms can be easily grown in rooms, shelves or polythene bags, etc. If artificial humidity and temperature are maintained, mushrooms can be grown throughout the year, including September. Cultivation of specific varieties like an oyster mushroom, button mushroom, and Chinese mushroom can be beneficial. Nighat shaheen (Agri ...

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Instructions not to use weeds as fodder after spraying

Agricultural experts have advised not to use weeds as fodder after spraying. Farmers should avoid using weeds as fodder to livestock, especially goats, cows, and buffaloes, after spraying weedicides. This is because the toxic effects of the spray can enter the stomachs of animals through weeds and adversely affect milk and meat production. While the lives of these animals can ...

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Farmers must grow canola as a trap crop around wheat crop.

Wheat crop is highly infested by the sucking insects such as aphids due to the lush green color of foliage. Chemical control of the insects induces a negative effect on crop growth and yield. Farmers must cultivate the canola crop on borders around the wheat crop to trap the insects. The greenish color of the foliage and the bright yellow ...

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