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Farmers are instructed to start the cultivation of canola in the third week of this month.

Agricultural experts instructed farmers to start cultivating canola (sweet mustard) in the third week of September and said that the best time to cultivate canola is from 20 September 20 to 31 October. Farmers should cultivate one and a half to 2 kg registered, healthy, and clean hybrid varieties seeds of canola like Faisal canola PARC in one acre, increase ...

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Cultivation of garlic.

Garlic is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, phosphorous, and ascorbic acid. Growers can start the cultivation of garlic in all plain areas. NARC-G1 & G4are hybrid varieties while Lehson white; Lehson gulabi and GS-1 are the recommended local varieties. Farmers can use 300-400kg seed per acre for local varieties and 200-250 kg seed for hybrid varieties. Fertile, well-drained, loamy ...

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Farmers should adopt appropriate strategies for immediate control of diseases and pests in MungMash, Agriculture experts

Agriculture experts said that farmers should adopt appropriate strategies for immediate control of diseases and pests in Mung and Mash, so as to save the crop from economic damage. Timely disposal of weeds is also essential for the good production of MungMash. The MungMash crops need three irrigation, so the first irrigation should be given 3 to 4 weeks after ...

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Poor grain filing in rice spike.

Rice is the staple food crop of the world population. The food security of more than half the world population depends on the ability of the universe to supply and distribute the rice. Pakistan is the world’s 10th largest producer of rice and decrement in the production directly related to the economic system of the state. The yield of grains ...

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Tobacco is an important cash crop that matures in a short time

Tobacco is an important cash crop that matures in a short period of time. Like many other countries, tobacco use is very high in Pakistan. Tobacco can be grown successfully on almost any type of soil, but loamy soils are preferred for good yields. Tobacco can be grown on any type of soil except saline and waterlogged. Tobacco is grown ...

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Efficient use of insecticides in cotton crop

Nowadays the cotton crop is near the maturity stage and due to environmental variations; various diseases can also attack, so pest scouting should be done twice a week to protect the cotton crop from virus attack. If the pest attack is really high, appropriate insecticides should also be sprayed. Do not spray the same group of insecticides repeatedly. Farmers should ...

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Okra can be grown in all types of soil, Agriculture expert

Agriculture experts said that okra can be cultivated in all types of soil but the well-drained loamy soil is very suitable. For the cultivation of okra, seeds with good germination potential should be used. Spray after sowing, before germination for effective weed control. Irrigation should be done keeping in view the structure of the soil and the weather. ‘Don’t let ...

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