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Special instructions for farmers about the harvesting of the strawberry crop

Strawberry is a perishable fruit that is grown in the month of October-November, and its fruit gets ready to harvest in January. Farmers should pick only fully red (ripe) berries after every three days. Berries should be Cut by the stem with scissors and do not pull the berry otherwise, you could damage the plant. After harvesting put the fruit ...

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Suitable varieties of sunflower

Suitable varieties of sunflower include High Sun-33, T-40318, Agora 4, NKR Money, US 666, US 444, PAR Sun 3, Oxygen-5264, Oxygen-5270, S-278, and HS. The agriculture experts also instructed for timely sowing of sunflower is essential for higher yields as delayed planting not only reduces the yield per acre of sunflower but also the amount of oil.

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Gardeners apply the Bordeaux mixture to the stems of fruit trees

As the temperature drops during the winter months, the risk of fungal infestation on fruit trees increases. Use a Bordeaux mixture to protect plants from diseases and pests. For this purpose, mix 10 kg gypsum, 10 kg slaked lime in 100 liters of water and apply on the trunks of trees. It does not only protect the plants from diseases ...

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Increase in Buffalo Production Capacity

It is very necessary to observe puberty in buffalo as they reach at two years of age. In order to get higher milk and meat production buffalo should be offered with balanced feed. Puberty age in buffalo can be decreased from 40 to 26 months when feed is offered with balanced amount of energy and protein. High quality semen should ...

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Farmers are instructed to perform hoeing activity in chickpea crop: Agriculture Experts

Removal of weeds or unwanted plants from chickpea crop can be done with both chemical and non-chemical methods. However, in non-chemical ways, weeds can also be effectively removed by hoeing. The first weeding should be done 30-40 days after cultivation while the second weeding should be done 70-80 days after sowing. Hoeing not only suppress weeds but also improves plant ...

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The government of Punjab has started subsidizing DAP fertilizer

The government of Punjab has started subsidizing DAP fertilizer. According to the agriculture department, the Punjab government has paid Rs 2-4 billion on DAP fertilizer to more than 300,000 farmers in the financial year 2019-20. The federal government is releasing funds for two days to those farmers who have not received the subsidy, after that all the farmers will be ...

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Multan Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) have developed new cotton varieties for 2021

Scientists of CCRI have developed high yielding, virus and pest resistant (pink ball worm) varieties of cotton for the upcoming year. These varieties include CIM-632, CIM-343, CIM-789, CIM -663, CYTO -178, CYTO -179, CYTO -536 etc. Beside that these varieties can tolerate adverse climatic conditions and water stress. Rehana Shoukat (Soil Scientist)

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Goat and sheep fattening

Goat and sheep fattening is a very profitable business for a livestock farmer. The main objective of goat fattening is to sell these animals at the festival of Eid-ul-aldha. If animals are offered a balanced feed, then noticeable weight can be obtained. Bucks and Rams should be purchased for fattening at the age of 6 to 12 months of age ...

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FBR withdraws 5pc regulatory duty on cotton import

In compliance with the government’s decision, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has withdrawn five per cent regulatory duty on the import of cotton yarn.The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the federal cabinet in a meeting held on December 2 had approved the removal of regulatory duty on import of cotton yarn.The Ministry of Commerce had presented a proposal before ...

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Wheat growers are instructed to use zinc and potash fertilizer for the better production of wheat crop

Agriculture experts have instructed farmers to use zinc and potash based fertilizers for the better production of wheat crop. The role of zinc and potash in the wheat crop is very necessary to increase the yield, especially in those regions where wheat is being sown for the first time there will be zinc deficiency. The use of zinc and potash ...

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