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For obtaining better yield proper care should be given to brinjal crop, Agricultural Experts

Agriculture Experts have advised farmers to take care of brinjal crop, so that higher production can be achieved. Crop should be protected from harmful insect pests and disease at appropriate time. In order to minimize crop losses proper measures should be taken at proper time. There are various insect pests which are causing damage to crop at different stages and ...

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Palm oil prices declined in Malaysian market

The palm oil prices declined by 1.7 percent in the Malaysian market due to lack of external demand and the price of soya oil will decrease in the Chicago Board of Trade. In the Borsa Derivatives’ Exchange, palm oil prices decreased by 1.7% to 1994 ringgit (479.10$ ) per tonn.

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Sunflower cultivators have started preparing Dalda ghee at household level

Sunflower cultivators have started preparing Dalda at domestic level instead of selling it to government as sunflower buying rate has not being set up by the government and due to exploitation of middle man mafia. The spokesperson of the Pakistan Farmer’s Welfare Council said that the production cost of sunflower is higher than that of the sale price so they ...

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Cluster Bean prefers a well-drained sandy loam soil.

Cluster Bean prefers a well-drained sandy loam soil. It can tolerate saline and moderately alkaline soils with pH ranging between 7.5 and 8.0. Heavy clay soils, poor in nodulation and bacterial activities are not suitable for this crop. Soils with medium to light constituents without excessive moisture are suitable for its cultivation. For green fodder and green manuring, the crop ...

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Allocation of Rs. 5 crores for Poultry farming

Rs 5 crores have been allocated for the development of the poultry farming under the Prime Minister’s Back Yard Poultry program in Islamabad budget. Under the Prime Minister’s Agricultural Emergency Program, the federal government will launch plans to increase wheat, rice, sugarcane and cotton yield during the next financial year, whereas budget of Five million rupees for Prime Minister Back ...

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Germany wheat production likely to increase 21.9 percent

This year, Germany’s wheat production has shown an increase of 21.9 percent and 16.3 percent in the production of sesame. According to the recent report of the Germany Association of Farm Operatives, expectation of wheat production is 24.70 million tons during 2019 which is 21.9 percent higher than the 2018.

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Sesame cultivation suitable for hot weather

Hot weather is suitable for sesame cultivation. Its seed contain more than 50 percent of oil and about 22 percent of protein. Sesame oil quality is comparable to that of olive oil. Approved varieties of sesame includes TH6 whose sowing time is 15 june till 30 june and TS5 that can be sown from 25th june till 15 july. Seed ...

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Farmers are instructed to continue pest scouting in Rice fields.

The rice plant is vulnerable to many insects and diseases from its sowing to harvest. The major insect pests that causes significant yield losses are stem borers, leaf folders, plant-hoppers and leafhoppers. Since the introduction of high yielding varieties, distinct changes have occurred in the insect pest complex of Pakistan. Several species, which were once considered minor pests, are now ...

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