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Organic farming

Organic farming has the potential to address some of the threats to agricultural sustainability. It is a well-defined method of production that tends to minimize the use of costly synthetic inputs, such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and medical products and makes agriculture environmentally sustainable and economically viable. It avoids nutrient exploitation and increases soil organic matter content.

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60 million tons of okra production per year

Agriculture Punjab Rawalpindi Department has advised farmers to complete the cultivation of okra by the end of March. Pakistan is ranked third in the world according to acre production per kilogram, where it is cultivated on 5 million acres land, which yields 60 million tons of production.

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Protection of Brinjal Plants from Insects.

Farmers should take care of their brinjal plants and should take precautionary measures to prevent them from harmful insects to decrease the agriculture losses. The head of department said that in case of stem and fruit larvae attack Lorsban and Tal star (4-5cc/ltr) should be sprayed. In the same way for jassid attack tamaron, for aphids attack Advantage or Deltaphous, ...

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Crude oil prices decreased by one percent

In current season sugarcane of worth Rs 133 billion have been bought in Punjab from which Rs 113 billion have been paid ‘Usman Buzdar. He said in his statement on Twitter’s social networking website that in Punjab had been sugar mill mafia for many decades and farmers of sugarcane did not pay for many years. He said that in current ...

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Ayub Agricultural Institute Introduces Seed Auction System For Farmers.

Director General Ayub Agricultural Institute (AARI) Faisalabad Dr. Abid Mehmood said the AARI had introduced a seed auction system to facilitate growers. He told that the AARI arranged the first auction of seeds of various crops, including tomato, cotton and maize and different registered seed companies participated in the auction. The AARI was preparing certified seeds so that growers could ...

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Timely irigation of spinach is necessary for its better production

Agriculture department has advised the spinach cultivators to irrigate spinach on time for better production. Spinach that is cultivated on beds should be irrigated with the interval of 6 to 8 days while the spinach cultivated through drill must be irrigated with the interval of 10 to 12 days. It should be harvested when 3 to 4 leaves emerges because ...

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Favourable temperature is required for the better production of tomatoes

Researchers have found that the optimum temperature for the growth of tomatoes is 18-27°C and this temperature is obtained in March, April or September, October. Seeds should be sown by making furrows in 2-3 marlas. Furrows should be 6 inches high so that the drainage of excess water becomes easy. After sowing, apply clean farm yard manure on it and ...

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Better Production can be achieved by modern production technology

According to agriculture Experts better production can be achieved through modern technologies. To achieve goal of Agriculture development and food stability, private and Government sectors must play their roles to provide complete information to farmers. Agriculture exports, timely sowing, irrigation and other needs must be fulfill.

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Water and soil analysis is necessary before the construction of poultry sheds

Livestock experts said that after textile industry, poultry industry has taken over as second largest industry due to its profit sharing in Pakistan. In the present period, environment control is very important in poultry sheds, so water and soil analysis should be done in the place where poultry sheds are required.

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Opening of latest cold storage in Karachi for vegetable exports

KARACHI: The cold storage for vegetable exports with support of US aid has been inaugurated. US Council General, JoAnne Wagner inaugurated the latest cold storage for vegetable exports, on this occasion, USAID’s Director for Sindh and Balochistan Michael H. Hryshchyshyn, chairman of Pakistan Finance and Vegetable Association (PFVA) and, Director General of the Department of Plant and Protection Dr. Falak ...

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