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The nutritional value of vegetables must be maintained.

20 to 30 percent of our crops are damaged by insects and diseases, therefore it is important to protect the field from them so that the production and the nutrition of the food items are not affected. The sprays that have long term effects should not be used for the removal of insects and diseases. It is very important to ...

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Research on the Stevia plant and development of modern production technology.

Better production from exhaustive plants, working on the commercial aspect is increasing, experts. Agricultural scientists of Plant Physiology have completed their research on Stevia plant with the help of Agricultural Research Board and developed modern production technology for farmers. They said that Stevia gave two cutting in the year, with 40 to 45 mound per acre production. Agronomy experts said ...

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In case of late planting, okra seeds should be treated with fungicide.

Agriculture experts said that for late planting of okra farmers should treat seeds with proper fungicide. It is necessary as many fungal diseases occur on late season crop of okra. As okra is an important summer vegetable and there is a fear of many fungal and other diseases on late season crop. So experts have instructed farmers to treat seeds ...

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Training of farmers is essential for promotion of livestock sector in Balochistan; Director General

Director General of Livestock & Dairy Development Department Balochistan, Dr. Ghulam Hussain Jaffar on Wednesday said that measures needed to be taken to provide trainings to the farmers and shepherds in order to boost livestock sector at district level. He said that potential measures are being carried to ensure protection of cattle in effected areas of province from drought because ...

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To obtain better produce of melons, special attention should be given to fertilizers and irrigation

For the cultivation of melons, one bag of DAP and one bag of Potash is broadcasted at the time of sowing. After germination, when 3 to 4 leaves emerges out apply half bag of Urea after hoeing. After flowering apply half bag of urea again. This will increase the production. The crops cultivated on the beds should be irrigated after ...

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The crop insurance installments will paid by provincial governments instead of farmers.

Provincial governments, Ministry of Inter-provincial Relations Consultation will be implemented to verify damage of crops because of satellite images. The federal government has suggested in the crop insurance policy that the crop insurance scheme will pay relevant provincial governments instead of farmers. In this regard mechanism will be decided by consulting relevant provincial governments and Ministry of Inter-provincial Relations. Under ...

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Potato production estimated to be 40 lakh tones and total consumption 25 lakh tones.

Potato production in Pakistan is 40 lakh tones as local gross consumption is 25 lakh tones. Production is 1.5 million tons higher than the demand for the country, which can be used for export purposes. Economic and agricultural experts said that potatoes can be exported to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and the Middle East, which requires creating ...

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USAID launches project to use modern technology for agriculture growth

The USAID Pakistan launched a four-year project to introduce advanced technologies to Pakistani farmers and help boost their productivity and incomes and reduce postharvest losses. It would help to increase small farmers’ access to markets and their overall development. It will train dealers and other demand side partners through technical assistance to improve their marketing and management practices.  The technologies ...

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Farmers are instructed to prepare cuttings of grapes.

Farmers are instructed to start pruning and for cuttings propagation of varieties such as King’s Ruby, Flame sedless, Thomasan seedless and perlette. To ensure thier proper rooting they may tied in small bundles and healed inverted in earth ith thier bases uplikely cover with soil for a month. Grapes can be propagated in several ways, but perhaps the most common ...

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On farm climate and weather monitoring system

Climatic conditions have a major effect on plant growth. These on-farm Climate & Weather Monitoring System are therefore designed to assist farmers in optimizing their farm efficiency by providing on-farm micro-climate information such as: Air and soil, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed & direction, irradiation. These on farm weather stations provide precise & up-to-date weather information of the area within ...

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