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Radish can be cultivated throughout the year but October to January is the best period.

Radish is essentially a cold-season crop and can be cultivated throughout the year but October to January is the best period. The high temperature of summer causes the plant to develop small tops, and roots rapidly become pithy and strongly pungent after reaching maturity. For this reason it is difficult to produce quality radish during midsummer.Because radish grows rapidly, a ...

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Fertile, well drained and loamy soil is required for high yield of Garlic.

Fertile, well drained and loamy soil is required for high yield. Heavy and hard soil significantly affects the bulb size and yield.Garlic is frost resistant crop requires cool period during early growth and dry period near maturity. The increase in day length from 8 to 12 hrs increase the bulb weight, bulb diameter and number of cloves and reduce the ...

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Farmers should start cultivation of Turnip : Agriculture Experts

Turnip is sown from end of July to end of November but, in mountainous areas, it can be sown from March to the mid of June.Although it can be grown on a wide range of soils, but deep, friable, highly fertile loamy soil is best for its cultivation. Turnips thrive well on moderate to slightly acidic sandy loam soil. Sandy ...

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Gilgit-Baltistan to make 50,000 acres of land cultivable

Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) government formally launched a $120 million agriculture development project which would help irrigate around 50,000 acres of barren land in the mountainous region.The seven-year project, called the Economic Transformation Initiative, has been co-funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).“This is the biggest agri-development project of G-B and we are hopeful things will improve dramatically by the ...

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Use proper fertilizer for the best yield of Jaman plants : Agriculture Experts

For Jamun plantation, it requires well prepared land. To bring soil to good level, plough land once. Then pits are dug and are filled with Farm Yard Manure in the ratio of 3:1. Transplantation of seedlings is done on raised beds.Apply well rotten Farmyard manure or compost @20-25kg/plant/year in pre bearing period. The FYM dose should be increased when plants ...

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Land preparation for the Cultivation of Spinach

A well-prepared seedbed that is free of large clods permits precision planting with rapid and uniform emergence of spinach seedlings. Uniform depth of seeding is critical when using pre-plant-incorporated herbicides because if spinach seeds are planted too deeply, seedlings may be killed by herbicide. Well-prepared seedbeds also permit proper and accurate incorporation of pre-plant-incorporated herbicides, leading to improved weed control ...

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Coriander crop require Proper irrigation to increase yield

Agriculture Experts said coriander crop require proper irrigation to increase yield. Excess water damage coriander crop. Experts recommended that after cultivation of coriander dont give water till 15-20 days and when plant reach 4 to 5 inch than start hoeing.It is a cool season crop. Cool weather is favourable for its cultivation. It is susceptible to mild frost.Following are the ...

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