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Mango production competition planned

The Punjab government has announced to organise mango production competition 2018-19 with the aim to introduce a healthy competitive environment among mango growers with ultimate objective of producing best quality and best varieties of mangoes. The Spokesman of Agriculture Department said on Friday that mango growers belonging to District Multan, Khanewal, Rahim Yar Khan, Muzaffargarh, Bahawalpur, Vehari, Jhang and Bhawalnagar ...

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Sandy loam and clay loam soil are best suited for Coriander Cultivation

Sandy loam and clay loam soil are best suited for Coriander Cultivation.It is a cool season crop. Cool weather is favourable for its cultivation. It is susceptible to mild frost.It grows well on all type of soil. But sandy loam and clay loam soil are best suited for it The land should be prepared thoroughly.Seeds of coriander are crashed and ...

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Pakistan acknowledges USAID efforts in promoting agri research

International Centre for Agriculture Research. in Dry Areas (ICARDA) is implementing projects on Water and Soil in Pakistan in close Collaboration with the National and Provincial research and development institutions of the country. The projects are sponsored by the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA). The main objectives of the projects are to increase crop production, soil health, water use ...

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What Causes a Palm Tree to Fall and how to protect it?

Palm trees are evergreen plants in the palmaceae family. They’re prized by home gardeners for their large, attractive leaves and generally low maintenance. While healthy palm trees don’t typically pose a falling risk in your landscape without being cut or pushed by tremendous force, there are ways in which your palm trees roots or trunk can become weak, which leads ...

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Harvesting Of Tomato Crop

Harvesting will continue for about one month, depending on climate, diseases and the cultivar planted. Tomato can be classified in four stages of maturity:Seed are white in color (immature) and can be cut when the tomato is sliced. There is no juice inside the tomato,Seeds have a tan color (mature) and some juice present,Seeds are pushed aside when cut. The ...

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