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Harvesting of Ash Gourd can be done in the month of june : Agriculture Experts

Fruits are harvested after three months of sowing. Harvesting can be done at weekly intervals. Harvesting of fruits can be done at immature stage and at mature stage. It is advisable to harvest fruits at immature stage for food consumption. If fruits are harvested at immature stage at frequent intervals application of Fertilizers in splits as top dressing is advised. ...

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Recommended Fertilizer dose for chillies :Agriculture Experts

Recommended fertilizer dose for chillies is one bag of DAP and one of potassium sulphate before sowing, and two to three bags of urea, one bag is applied after 20 days of transplanting and the second at flowering stage, and third, if necessary, at fruit setting.

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Farmers are instructed to protect Garlic crop from diseases and weeds : Agriculture Experts

Agriculture Experts said that farmers are instructed to protect Garlic crop from insects and Weeds for its better yield.Weed control is mainly by hand-chipping and inter-row cultivation. Some herbicides are currently registered or have permits for use on garlic.Onion thrips are the only major insect pest of garlic. They can be controlled by spraying with a registered insecticide.Leaf diseases of ...

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Campaign to raise awareness among farmers on pesticides

The Agriculture Department has taken up an intensive campaign to create awareness among farmers about proper application of pesticides that incidents of farmers falling sick after spraying pesticides will not recur this year.Agriculture officers are visiting villages and talking to farmers about what pesticides could be sprayed and procedures of spraying pesticides.The use of pesticides is increasing in Pakistan; so ...

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Duck – Natures Way of Controlling Pests

Pakistan is amongst top ten most populous countries of the world and more than 65% of the population lives in rural areas. Besides financial constraints the people are facing serious issues of disease outbreak because there are big reservoirs of waste water that are places of many pathogens. Why to reintroduce the ducks:Ducks rearing was a traditional source of protein ...

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Importance of kitchen gardening is great and manifold.

Kitchen garden is a device to grow vegetables on a small plot of land. It is delightful hobby and can be pursued at homes or in school. Develop a taste for kitchen gardening and it will stay in your life.The importance of a kitchen garden is great and manifold. A kitchen garden ensures an inexpensive, regular and handy supply of ...

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Irrigation Schedule for Sesame Cultivation :Agriculture Experts

Usually 3-4 irrigation are required during whole season. Number of irrigation varies with the environmental conditions. In case of no rain, first irrigation should be give at 15-20 days after sowing(DAS). Second irrigation be also given after 30-40 DAS. Third irrigation at the time of flowering, because the irrigation at flowering, capsule formation and seed development is necessary to avoid ...

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Wheat exports reach $156 million during first ten months

Country’s wheat exports posted healthy growth and reached $156 million during the first ten months of this fiscal year (FY18) owing to government’s freight subsidy scheme. According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), Pakistan has earned some $156 million through wheat exports during the first 10 months of this fiscal year compared to $0.967 million in the same period of ...

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Guard Agriculture launches trials of new Super Hybrid Rice variety

Guard Agricultural Research & Services (Pvt) Limited has launched the trials of a new "Super Hybrid Rice variety having potential to produce rice up to 180 maunds per acre.We are launching the trials of this variety by sowing it over an area of 100 acres of land in Badin District (Sindh) in the batches of 10 acres to test its ...

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