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Use of fertilisers and weedicides

WEEDS often reduce crop production as they compete with the crop for nutrients, water, light, gases and space.There are numerous losses due to weeds and they are varied in nature. Losses due weeds and the cost of their control constitute one of the largest expenditure in production of crops and vegetables. These losses are almost equally divided between reductions in ...

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Need for olives

It has been recently reported that the government is trying to convert Chakwal valley into an olive valley. For this purpose, two million olive plants will be distributed in Punjab over the next five years while an olive oil preparing factory is already functional in the region. Pakistan’s water starved economy is dependent on water intensive crops such as sugarcane ...

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To achieve best yield of Groundnut , appropriate amount of fertilizers must be given to crop.

The soils in barani areas are generally deficient in several nutrients. This deficiency can be corrected by the addition of proper dose of organic fertilizers. Organic manure is important primarily as humus that are decomposed by soil organisms to provide them nutrient and energy. Farm yard manure is mainly used as organic manure. It should be applied about one month ...

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1 lakh 55 thousand farmers registered for Kissan Card

As many as 1 Lakh 55 thousand farmers have been registered in Rawalpindi district for Kisan Card said Additional Deputy Commissioner, Rao Atif Raza. Chairing a meeting of District Agriculture Task Force Committee at Deputy Commissioner Office here on Thursday he said, Punjab government was striving to provide relief to the farmers and Kisan package announced by the government was ...

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Pomegranate plants must be protected from harmful insects

Insect pests mostly observed are fruit borer, mealy bugs, aphids, white fly and fruit sucking moths. Spraying with dimethoate , deltamethrin or malathion etc. depending upon the type of pest infestation has been found to be effective in most cases.

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Punjab governor to inaugurate ‘Agri Expo 2018’

The Punjab Governor Malik Muhamamd Rafiq Rajwana will inaugurate the two day ‘Agri Expo 2018’ being arranged by the provincial agriculture department on June 23 & 24, 2018 at the Expo Center Lahore. It will be an ultimate opportunity for growers, processors and exporters to develop National as well as International linkages for development and export of agricultural products, said ...

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Effective weed control is essential for good yield of Gram

Chickpeas are poor competitors with weeds because of their slow emergence and growth during winter. Effective weed control is essential for good yields and to avoid the buildup of troublesome weeds in the rotation. Management for broad leaf weeds needs to begin in the preceding cereal year because there are few options for in-crop control. In particular vetch and other ...

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Irrigation Schedule for Spinach Cultivation

Spinach is an important vegetable of Rabi season and requires a cool and moist climate. Low temperature and high humidity helps in the development of succulent, tenders mild flavored foliage and quick growth. The plant prefers sunshine. Spinach requires abundant moisture to insure a high quality product. An application of one inch of water every seven to ten days, when ...

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Cherry :6 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Cherries

One cup of this tasty summer delight can keep the doctor away, aid you when it comes to cancer and age-related diseases, and most importantly help you get a good night’s sleep. Find out the top six reasons to eat more of these super fruit cherries.Helps With Arthritis And Inflammatory Conditions, Helps Lower Blood Sugar Levels In People With Diabetes,Helps ...

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10 crore indigenous trees will be planted throughout the country as a part of Prime Minister’s Green Pakistan Programme.

According to the official radio، Prime Minister Green Pakistan Programme, is involved in efforts to protect the country and its people from the devastating effects of climate change, including floods. This affective way to bring the country out of the effects of climate change.

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