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Strawberry Cultivation in Pakistan

Pakistan is producing a limited quantity of strawberries which are either eaten or used in preparing ice-cream, jam, jelly, pickle, cake or milk shake. The fruit fetches Rs100 to Rs120 per kg in big cities. The wholesale price of the fruit comes down to Rs 50 per kg during the second fortnight of March when the crop production touches its ...

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Punjab Agriculture Department organized “International Agri- Tech 2018” Expo

A spokesman of the department said that the objectives of the exhibition is to promote high tech mechanization and educate farmers how to use it at farm level and how this high tech mechanization can prove a game changer in the arena of agriculture. This exhibition can prove a blessing for agriculture sector as importer and exporter of high tech ...

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Punjab Food Department Forms Committees For Wheat Procurement

The Food Department Punjab has constituted supervisory committees at Tehsil level in district Faisalabad to monitor wheat procurement campaign. FAISALABAD:The Food Department Punjab has constituted supervisory committees at Tehsil level in district Faisalabad to monitor wheat procurement campaign. These committees have been formed for Tehsil Jaranwala, Tandlianwala, Sammundri, Chak Jhumra and Assistant Commissioners will be convener of the committees. The ...

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Agriculture Experts said that use Approved varieties for cotton cultivation

BT cotton varieties includes VH-178, CIM-602, BH-178, FH-LALAZAR, FH-142, IUB-13, MNE-988,VH-305,AGC-999 and AGC-777 while local varieties includes CM-554, NIAB-777,CIM- 608, CRSM-38,BH-167,FH-942,NIAB-846, NIAB-112, SANTO-124, CIM-620 AND niab 2008.

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Plant Breeding and Genetics Role in Seeds variety improvement.

Plant breeding is a fundamental part of the agriculture value chain and has an important role to play in terms of developing seed varieties that meet various considerations, including crop productivity, climate change, resource scarcity and pest attack.The new law provides much needed protection to individual farmer and commercial breeding operations, allowing for greater investment in research and development of ...

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IRSA projects water shortage could impact Kharif crops this season

The Indus River System Authority (IRSA) issued a stark warning on Thursday that increased water shortage this season could jeopardize the growth of Kharif crops.A meeting was held in this regard on Thursday of IRSA’s technical committee which was attended by the representative of all four provinces and Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), reported an English daily.Kharif crops include ...

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Ginger cultivation should be completed in coming week, Agriculture Experts

Agriculture experts have advised to cultivate ginger in coming week in plain areas while in hilly areas it can be cultivated till may end.In 100 grams (g) of fresh ginger root, there are 79 calories, 17.86 g of carbohydrate, 3.6 g of dietary fiber, 3.57 g of protein, 0 g of sugar, 14 mg of sodium, 1.15 g of iron, ...

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Phosphate and Ammonium nitrate recommended for Gourd cultivation

Agriculture Experts recommended farmers to cultivate Gourd crop till end of March and fertilizers such as phosphate and ammonium nitrate must be given for good yield. Gourd have different shapes such as round , pear shaped and long , among which pear and round shaped are famous.

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Hoeing of Sugarcane must be done

Agriculture experts have advised farmers to start hoeing their fields Agriculture experts have advised farmers to start hoeing their fields, they said, first hoeing must be done when growth starts, and second must be done after one month. Experts said plough field under field capacity and plough it again with dry field conditions.

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