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Advancement of Agriculture

Two decades earlier farmer was used to plough the land manually and it was very hard stretching from dawn to dusk. They thought about advancement and came up with tractor. 21st century came and farming has gone all new technology and researchers are talking about genetic modified food and agricultural technology. The scientific technology has been advanced and has touched ...

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Diversification in Agriculture

Agriculture is the largest livelihood supporting field and it is renovating itself from a supply-driven to a demand-demand scenario. Consumer is increasingly demanding better quality, multiple choices, food safety and convenience. Modification is the key to convoke these changing demand patterns with supply, and more importantly, to act as an overall risk mitigant for the producer himself. Diversification is also ...

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According to agriculture department, Punjab province is getting cyst nematode free Potato Production.

65 Reports of cyst nematode attack on Potato crop from all over the world has been reported in which Pakistan is not included. According to the spokesperson, upon the instructions of Secretary Punjab Mohammad Mehmood,recently, Potato Research Institute Sahiwal jointly collaborated with Ayub Agricultural Research center Plant Pathology lab ,a comprehensive survey was done to collect soil sample from 200 ...

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Date Palm Production

Adaptation The following ecological conditions in Pakistan are suitable for date cultivation: Elevations ranging from 100-200 m. Suitable temperatures range from 3 to 45 degree centigrade.. Date palms like a warm climate where summers are considerably longer than winters. It is generally said that its feet should be in water and its head in the fire. Date palms prefer a ...

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Uses of Turmeric: Used as a conditioner. Useful as a dye varied uses in drug and cosmetic industries. Used medicinally for external application and consumed as a stimulant. Soil: Different kinds of soils such as sandy loam to clay loam or alluvial soils are suitable. Well-drained loamy soils are the best. Soil should be rich in organic matter and uniform ...

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Management of Fruit Flies in Guava

Guava trees produce sweet smelling fruits with an edible rind, with a creamy white, yellow or pink flesh. When ripe, guavas release a sharp, musky odour that draws fruit flies. Fruit flies are among the world’s most serious pests of different horticultural crops due to their direct impact on economy. They are among the most destructive pests. They cause enormous ...

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Mohammad Mahmood Secretary Agriculture Punjab has said that the timely completion of agricultural development projects is our mission.

For the promotion of cotton cultivation next year, the crop of cotton for two lakh acres will be given to the farmers.He expressed his views while presiding over the performance of the first half of the financial year 2017-18 with the divisional and district heads of Multan in the Mango Research Institute.Secretary Punjab added that the scheme has been started ...

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Loamy soil is required for the cultivation of bitter Gourd

According to agriculture Department moderate climate is required for the cultivation of Bitter Gourd.Cultivation starts from Feb to july. Temperature required for seed germination is 25-30 degree centigrade and pH required below 7.

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After last picking of cotton Off season management is very important

Spokesperson to Agriculture department said that after last picking of cotton crop OFF season managements are very essential. This will not only increase yield but also control pests of cotton crop such as pink Bollworm.

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