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Cultivation Of Masoor must be completed by 15 November, Agriculture Department

Department of Agriculture has directed that the cultivation of Masor must be completed till November 15. According to the source, approved varieties Masoor 93, Niab Masoor 2002, Nab Masur 2006, Punjab Masoor 2009, Chakwal Masoor and Markaz 2009 etc. Seed rate should be kept from 10 to 12 kg per acre .The spokesperson said that cultivation after 15 November , ...

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Cultivate Radish variety of 40 days : Agriculture Experts

Agriculture experts said that the farmer should pay attention to cultivate variety of 40 days because this crop can be ready in 40 days. Agriculture experts said that the farmer should pay attention to cultivate variety of 40 days because this crop ready in 40 days, it is less bitter. Early crop can be infected by wilting and blight , ...

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Due to Cotton exports rates have been raised

Cotton quality is affected and rates have been raised Due to Cotton Export and quality affect, cotton rates have been raised and in different cities of country rates are increased by Rs 100 per kg to Rs. 6400 per kg per mound.While two to three percent polluted cotton raised upto 6550 per mound.

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During three months, farmers bought 15 thousand 710 tractors

Tractors sales increases 100% in the last three months of the current financial year and farmers across the country bought 15 thousand 710 tractors, only 5,993 tractors were bought during the month of September. Due to easy loans, reduction in taxes, subsidies on fertilizer and other initiatives, farmers are buying tractors for achieving good crop.

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25% reduction in Export of Pulses recorded

In the first three months of the current financial year, pulses export recorded a reduction of 25.17 percent. According to the statistical data, Pulses Export recorded $46.178 million from July to end of September. According to the statistical data, one lakh 69 thousand 821 metric tonnes of pulses was Exported.During the same period last year, two lakh 9 thousand 860 ...

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Wheat cultivation schedule and Varieties announced in the Barani area

Chakwal 50, NARC 2009, PARC 2009, Dharabi 2011 varieties are recommended Wheat cultivation schedule and Varieties announced by Government of Punjab in all Barani areas of Punjab. Chakwal 50 can be cultivated in Barani areas from 15th OCT to 15 NOV, NARC 2009,PARC 2009 , Dharabi 2011 and Pakistan 2013 can be cultivated from 20 OCT to 15 NOV. Seed ...

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Subsidy is being provided for tunnel farming: Department of Agriculture

Agriculture Department spokesperson said that the Punjab government is providing financial assistance for tunnels installation on 3000 acres. Department of Agriculture will provide farmers 225,000 rupees per acre or 50 percent of the original cost on the installation of the tunnel. The farmer will earns huge profits by increasing the production of tomatoes through tunnel farming.Cucumber, capsicum, chilli ,bittergourd and ...

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Increase in sale of fertilizers expected during Rabi Season

Expected Increase in fertilizers sale in coming year 2017-18 In the coming season of the current financial year 2017-18, sales of fertilizers are expected to increase by 7% and during the period, the total sales of fertilizers is expected to reach 4 lakh 84,000 tonnes.According to the National Fertilizers Development Center report, the total sales of fertilizers during the Kharif ...

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Bio-slurry will increase vegetable production upto 30%

Cost on Chemical Fertilizers will reduce to 50%, Agriculture Department The use of high quality organic fertilizer bio-slurry will increase by 30 percent in the production of crops and vegetables and decrease cost on chemical fertilizer up to 50 percent, Bio-Slurry is the controlled treatment of excavated soil in an enclosed vessel. Experiments have shown that 25 cubic meters of ...

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