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Drip Irrigation system should be used to spray and irrigate Vegetables grown inside tunnel, Agricultural Experts

Agricultural experts have said that the vegetables grown inside tunnel should be sprayed and irrigate through drip irrigation system and don’t close the tunnels after spraying fertilizers otherwise gas produce will cause damage. Keep the tunnel open from 9.00 am to 4pm to maintain moisture level. Fans inside tunnel can help to maintain temperature and humidity both. Try to maintain ...

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Rice borrers and aphids must be controlled, Agriculture Department

For the improved production and good yield, Rice cultivators need to control stem borer, rice leaf folder, toka and aphid from the field. For this purpose weeds must be eradicated first. Spokesperson Agriculture department said that Stem borer mostly attack on Basmati varieties, rice leaf folder attack on both ARRI & Basmati, aphid attack on ARRI , Toka or Grass ...

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Cultivation of Maize in arid zone should be done till 31

Agriculture Experts have directed farmers of irrigated areas to use complete amount of potash and phosphorus for maize crop before 30 of nitrogen for good production. They said during monsoon weeds grow fast so it’s necessary to control weeds on time. Further, the growers of arid areas maize crop can be sown till 31 august. For good production seed rate ...

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Prosperity of Agriculture sector is the primary priority of Sindh, Sohail Anwar Sial

Today, Sindh farmer looks prosperous than the past, addressing the seminar Provincial Minister for Interior and Agriculture Sohail Anwar Sial said that the development and prosperity of agriculture sector is the primary priority of Sindh. Farmers will be provided with all resources of modern machinery and technology. Today Sindh farmers are more prosperous and satisfied than the past. He expressed ...

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During the past five years, the area under sugarcane cultivation has increased by 7 % and area under production in 15%

During the past five years, the area under sugarcane cultivation has increased by 7 percent and 15 percent in production, due to which sugarcane production has exceeded the country need. According to the report of the Sugar Mills Association (PSEM), after the completion of sugar demand in the country, 55% is more than the local requirement, by exporting this part ...

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Grower must irrigate okra weekly for its better production, Agriculture Experts

Agricultural experts said for better production okra, growers must irrigate it weekly. While at flowering and fruiting stage more water is needed. So, during this stage irrigate okra on every 6th day, when plant reach the size of 8-10 cm then thinning should be done and keep plant to plant distance of 30cm. To maintain the crop free from weeds ...

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Actions regarding water-efficient management techniques to increase agricultural production

Nestle move is part of the Nestle 2030 commitment, ensuring the reuse of resources for next generation. Water is the basic need for agricultural sector .Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the water usage in this sector.  Through this partnership, Nestle Pakistan will set up a site which will show the best practices and minimal use of water ...

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Department Of Livestock and Dairy Development Has Decided to Upgrade Veterinary Labs

Launching reconciliation memorandum with international organizations: Sources Department of Livestock and Dairy Development have decided to upgrade the veterinary labs throughout the province so that maximum vaccines can be prepared to protect animals and birds from various diseases. Sources of livestock and dairy development said that reconciliation with some international organizations in this regard has been started. He said that ...

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Peach Cultivation

PEACH CULTIVATION IN PAKISTAN Importance: Peach (prunus persica) is the most important among the stone fruit and is temperate in nature. It is considered the native of China and probably developed in persia. It is traditional crop of Northern area of Pakistan and occupies the area of 4543 hectares with the production of 48284 tonnes. Quetta, Kalat, Peshawar, Swat valley ...

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