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Due to weeds, Rice Yield has decreased to 39 %

Spokesman Agriculture department said that yield of rice has decreased from 17-39 % due to weeds. The late sowing varieties are badly affected by weeds. It affects the cultivation. Don�t use pesticides eradication of weeds.

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Cotton Management Seminar held for the better guidance of Farmers

For the better guidance of farmers, Bayer Company in collaboration with Punjab government arranged seminar in Multan. In which more than 600 major farmers participated, in this program useful information for achieving better production by protecting cotton crops was provided, Secretary Agriculture Mohammad Mahmood addressed, along with Dr. Khalid Abdullah, Chaudhry Khalid and Director General gave the answers to the ...

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Work have been started on the preparation of winter vegetable seed packets

Under the kitchen Gardening Program, the preparation of seed packets of winter vegetables radish, Carrot, turnip, spinach, Tomato, chilies, coriander, Salad and Fenugreek and other seeds have been started. Departments of agriculture will provide seed packets at the cost of Rs. 50 through their special centers in all districts (rural and urban) of Punjab from August-October.

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Tobacco production will be raised this year

Last year, more than 6 crore 87 lakh 80 thousand kg tobacco was produced in Pakistan. While this year chances of tobacco production is 8 crore 82 lakh 17 kg. Therefore, this year production of tobacco will be increased by 1 crore 94 lakh 37 thousand which is more than country need and therefore by exporting tobacco more revenue can ...

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Work on cultivation of Organic Rice has been started

Agriculture Department has started working on the cultivation of Organic Rice. The demand for Pakistani rice can be increased by abandoning use of these fungicides, Cyclazole, Carbendazim and Thiophenate-Methyl.

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Cultivate Local varieties of radish this season: Agricultural Experts

Agricultural Experts said that all four district of Faisalabad division, Jhang, Toba-Tek sing, Cheniot and in all other agricultural areas of Punjab the local varieties of radish Lal Pari, 40 din wali , Daisi sufaid ,shao-mai can be cultivated in the month of August while milo, Desi laal , Manu, Shamora can be cultivated in September. Radish is actually winter ...

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(Business Reporter) Ministry of Commerce, Sugar Advisory board on Prime Minister’s personal recommendations approved more than 3 lakh ton of sugar export through Economic Co-ordination Committee (ECC). According to the documents of State Bank of Pakistan’s oversight export quota approval will be given on first come first get basis.

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Agricultural Experts has instructed to start cultivation of beetroot from mid-august

Agricultural Experts has instructed to start cultivation of beetroot from mid-august and complete it till end of September to attain best yield per acre. In one meeting they said that Beetroot is an important, beneficial cash crop and due to the hard work, Experiments and observation of Research Institutes production per acre of beetroot has risen from 700 to 1200 ...

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Palm Oil Rates Reduced

Rates reduction was observed in palm oil prices in Bursa Derivatives Exchange. Malaysian Market Palm Oil tariffs fell by 0.4 percent to 2583 rupees per tonne fixed. Weigh 25 tons of palm oil in the exchange was traded by 39734 lots.

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