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Research says eating fruits do not accumulate fats.

People fear about sugar contents in fruits that might increase their sugar level or body fats while doctors say consume fruits as much as you can because eating fruits never cause fats on your body. Dr. Katherine from Decon University Austrailia states, people who eats fruits daily are less likely to be fat as compare to those who do not ...

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Raising Chicken without Grain: the Integrated Compost and Poultry System

The integrated compost and poultry system is a farming method that combines composting, poultry raising, and egg production. It is a low-cost method to raise chickens while producing good quality compost. Feed costs are almost eliminated because food scraps, manure, and mulch are used for feed – all of which can be obtained from either the same farm or sourced ...

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Risk diversification and climate hazard resilience building through homestead gardening

Increased climate variability affects farm activities and traditional planting schedules have to be adjusted to changing conditions. Many small-scale farmers nowadays cannot rely on their main crop alone, since the income would hardly compensate the farm inputs. Homestead Gardening is the usual farmer’s practice to grow vegetables for daily home consumption. The cultivation of vegetables, especially those that can be ...

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First-ever vegetable shipment via sea to Dubai

KARACHI: Pakistan shipped on Monday the first consignment of vegetables to Dubai via sea route. The first-ever consignment of nine vegetables, including tomato, brinjal, cucumber, carrot, okra, long melon etc, was sent under the Agricultural Market Development (AMD) project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The seven-tonne consignment will reach Dubai in four days. It was grown, ...

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Fata farmers hurt by ban on transportation of urea fertilizer

PESHAWAR: Ban on urea fertiliser may not have affected the bomb-making terrorist organisations as much as it has hit the agriculture sector in tribal areas where farmers are forced to use low quality smuggled urea to increase their crop produce. “The urea (fertiliser) smuggled into tribal areas from the neighbouring Afghanistan is of very bad quality and yet very expensive,” ...

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Fruit Exhibition Germany: Pakistani exporters bagged various orders

Pakistani exporters have participated in a Fruit Logistica 2017 world fruit exhibition held in Berlin, Germany and successfully acquired many orders worth of 20 lacs USD. In this international exhibition almost 16 Pakistani companies have participated and 40 Pakistani representatives have visited the fruit exhibition consisted of exporters and farmers. Owner of All Pakistan fruit and vegetable exporters&Importers association and ...

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Punjab Food Authority penalized various food points at Lahore

Punjab Food Authority has cracked down against multiple food points in Lahore who were operating without license hence charged with fine of thousands of rupees. In the supervision of Director Operations Rafia Haider, team of Punjab Food Authority raided various food points in Lahore who were selling food stuff without any license. Team has issued warning letters to 53 food ...

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The Neglected Agricultural Extension and Failure Of Agricultural Development Programmes In Pakistan

In Pakistan there are many research stations (government & Private) where the agricultural scientists are working for the development of agricultural e.g NARC, AARI, NIBGI, NAYAB, CCRI, etc etc but the main problem in the country is that the research is bounded within the four walls of the research stations and there is lack of extension facilities who takes the ...

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Climate change, agriculture and food security

Climate change is a growing threat to the agriculture sectors. The negative effects on agricultural production and livelihoods of farmers, foresters and fisher folk are already being felt in many places. They will only get worse overtime. Unless climate change is addressed, agricultural productivity will decline with serious implications for food security. Millions of low-income people will be at risk ...

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Even Deputy Commissioner failed to streamline fruits and vegetables supply to Sunday Bazars

After DCO even Deputy Commissioner failed to manage Sunday Bazars. Various vegetables including peas, capsicum, chillies and radish are unfilled at Sunday Bazars but available outside with hawkers. Although large verity of fruits was available in Sunday bazars but their prices were way higher than the recommended price list. Bazar’s administration at various places were absent and chairman/vice chairman union ...

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