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Germicidal drugs should sprayed in Poultry sheds: Experts

Vitamin E should be provided to birds in winter season, Lime or calcium carbonate spread around the farm Faisalabad (APP) Livestock experts have said, safety measure should be taken to prevent diseases in birds and after cleaning the shed spray the shed with good quality germicidal spray. So that healthy meat of birds can be provided to public. Livestock specialist ...

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Lahore: Supreme Court has taken strict action on Substandard milk

Supreme Court has lifted all bans from Punjab Food Authority ant taken strict action on supply of substandard milk. Director General Noor ul Amin has been ordered to visit whole province and examine the milk quality. Justice Nisar Saqib said hazardous milk should be come to an end. Chief Justice of Pakistan with two members bench addressing the sou moto ...

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Supply of unhealthy chicken meat to Karachi disclosed

Supply of fading chickens to other province has been disclosed. In a remote area of Karachi people observed that a person has inaugurates his three poultry stalls and started selling chicken meat at half of the market price. This was astonishing not for the customers but also for the poultry sellers in the same town. Sources also observed that very ...

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Climate change and Wheat

The most dangerous impact of climate change affecting the main staple crop (Wheat) very badly. Shifting of the December Rains with wind showers in Feb-March causes wind lodging in wheat and get aphids back to wheat. Scientists work hard on it and bring some mitigation strategies for wind lodging developed some verities resistant to wind lodging and Ridge planting in ...

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Mortality of animals from different diseases: Adda bara meel

Occurrence of mortality from different diseases due to extremely cold and foggy weather in Adda bara meel and its surrounding jodhpur & villages. Some animals have severe condition. Livestock farmers have called on free central helpline and report the diseased animals but no single person visit them despite of promises of mobile hospital and lab arrival. Two animal died due ...

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Laser land levelers are available for farmers with 4 crores subsidy

Faisalabad: As per Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif’s Kissan Dost policy 99 laser land levelers would be provided to the farmers in the second phase. For this purpose, farmers’ applications has been passed through a draw in a ceremony. Additional collector Muhammad Shahid and MPA Ch. Arif Mahmood Gil participated as the chief guests. This ceremony held in library hall ...

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Fake milk is prepared openly, Administration Spectator: Kaswaal

Milk is being sold with adulteration of Urea fertilizer, Milk powder, cooking oil and other dangerous chemical Hepatitis is spreading due to use of Fake milk, Government should take notice. Kaswaal, Fake milk production business is on the peak in kaswaal. According to detail fake milk production business is on peak in 119 seven DR and surrounding of kaswaal. Chemicals ...

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Lahore: Six Thousands Kilogram of dead and ailing chicken meat has been recovered

Team of Punjab food authority along with food safety officer Miss Tahira Kulsoom raided multiple shops at Toilnton Market, Lahore and recovered 6000 kilograms of dead and sick chicken meat. Consequently, team has sealed 9 poultry shops. During raid team also has observed some units boiling chicken wings and bowels. That units were also been sealed.

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Sindh: Farmers’ strike in front of sugar mills

All over the Sindh including Mir Pur Khas, sugar mills have stopped purchasing sugarcane from the farmers. Farmers aimed at protesting in front of sugar mills in province Sindh. Sugar mills have ended crushing season with the reference of PASMA decision. Sources from sugar mills have told that farmers failed to supply enough raw material to run the mill properly. ...

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Tobacco industry ‘trying to choke off anti-smoking treaty’

ISLAMABAD: The governing body of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) – Conference of the Parties (COP) – has expressed grave concern over the tobacco industry’s ‘persistent’ attempts to infiltrate and manipulate its efforts at implementing the Anti-Tobacco Treaty. During a week-long conference held in New Delhi India, health experts from around the globe urged ...

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